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Lugia || Mother Of The Sea
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17th-Jun-2010 02:02 am - .Useful Links.
Disturb not the harmony...
The following is a collection of links that are useful references for Lugia. The links are presented in alphabetical order. This list will be updated when necessary.

- AU Information
- Bulbapedia: Burned Tower
- Bulbapedia: Pokemon 2000 Information
- Bulbapedia: Lugia (Movie Info)
- Bulbapedia: Lugia (Pokemon Data)
- Guardian Song: Sheet Music
17th-Jun-2010 01:56 am - .Character History.
I Remember The Old Days
Disturb not the harmony of fire ice or lightning
Lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash
Though the water's great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting
Alone it's song shall fail, thus the earth shall turn to ash

Into thine hand's bring together all three
For the treasures combined tame the beast of the sea
Climb to the shrine to right what is wrong
And the world shall be healed by the guardian song

The following information is mesh of both Game and Movie canon, combined for the purposes of this AU.

AU History.Collapse )
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